How To Get More Money For Your Trade-in

One of the most difficult things when you are replacing you old vehicle for a newer one is to let your "baby" go. Especially when you "feel" that the value you are getting for your "baby" is kinda low. After all these years of fun times, taking you to work, carrying your family around, drag racing at 2 a.m. and escaping from police (don't worry, I won't tell anybody) I can understand you feel attached to this car (unless this car has given you a lot of problems and you can't wait to get rid of it, just stop reading and call me right now!) You ever wonder how a dealership gets the value of the vehicle? It's simple! there are guides with REAL TIME market data that based on the current conditions, year and miles, it will give a very accurate market value on your old car. When the appraiser is looking at your car what they are looking for is that everything is in working order and if they need to deduct any repairs or recondition from the market value. Here are things you can do to help you get the most value for your trade!

1. Clean the car. Give it a good detailed cleaning. A good clean car looks like the car has always been in great shape.

2. Bring the second key. Most people like to have 2 keys when they buy a car, if you don't turn in the second key then the dealer will deduct the cost of it from the value of the vehicle.

3. Bring all the service records. People like History not Mystery. When you come in with a folder full of service and repairs records you are helping the dealer to sell the story of your car to the next customer.

4. Have good set of tires. This is one of the most used deductions on the value of the vehicle. If the dealer needs to put new tires they will deduct full retail price for new tires. I'll let you in on a trick: If all four tires have 50% or more of life you can keep up to $800 in the value for your vehicle. You welcome!

5. Always do your research. A good place to start is KBB, here you can have

an idea of the range market value of your car. This range DOES NOT takes in consideration any type of repairs or recondition to be made on your car, you'll notice most of the time there is no place to insert the actual VIN number of your car on websites that shows market value pricing on vehicles. Once you come in to the dealer they can take the necessary steps and compare also KBB with NADA and Auction prices.

I hope this can help you in your shopping process, If you are looking to sell your vehicle it would be my pleasure to help you! You can contact me here. Happy Shopping! Jonathan Mella

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